Reabilita is a leader company in rehabilitation devices lease and distribution in Italy.

We are working all over the country since more than twenty years, thanks to our affiliated centers and our specialized technicians we cover the whole Country.

Our mission is to offer an immediate home rehabilitation service to people who have suffered major traumas and orthopaedic surgery. The devices quality, the staff professionality, the continuous search for innovation, the patient care, are the founding values and the distinguishing features of our company.

The home rehabilitation service in Italy

Our home delivery service, with processing of the request in 24/48 hours, and a dedicated toll-free number allow meeting the specific needs of each patient.

All our devices are equipped with disposable covers for hygiene safety. Our experts personally deliver the devices and they explain to the patient how to use them correctly and how to optimize the performance. They support the patient during all the rehabilitation process to a complete and effective recovery.

At the end of each rental, we sanitize and submit to mandatory and periodic electrical checks all the equipment.

Quality and safety

logo PDT Performance Digital Traceability

Reabilita is the first company in Italy that obtained the Digital Certification of the “Home Rental of electro medical equipment aimed at the patient’s rehabilitation” by PDT® (Performance Digital Traceability) which also integrates the periodic monitoring of the hygienic level of the equipment in accordance whit the ANMDO standard (National Association of Hospital Management Physicians) for cleaning and sanitizing on healthcare devices.

Reabilita is accredited at the Italian most important electronic market for the supply of public administrations (Mepa). It’s also a supplier of Inail at national level  and it has a lot of collaborations with local and provincial Inail offices.